Follow this link to hear Risky Business, my investigation of the unregulated non-emergency patient transfer industry in Ontario. The story is followed with an interview with Tom Closson, President and CEO of the Ontario Hospital Association.

I have heard from dozens of workers, former workers and patients throughout my investigation of this industry. Please contribute to the ongoing discussion of these services on this website, or contact me directly at tpittaway AT sympatico DOT ca.

I can offer anonymity to workers or patients concerned about privacy or job security issues.


Each week thousands of patients in Ontario are loaded into the backs of what they think are ambulances, tended to by people that they think are trained paramedics. Wrong on both counts. Tune into The Sunday Edition on CBC Radio One on December 13 just after the ten o’clock news to hear my documentary that explores the truly shocking practices that are taking place aboard these privately owned and unregulated vehicles.


Every year, thousands of Canadians go into sudden cardiac arrest – their hearts simply stop beating. The vast majority die. But for more than a decade, hypothermia has been a proven method of treating patients whose hearts have stopped functioning.

In this documentary that I produced for CBC Radio’s The Current we meet Bill MacDonald, a cardiac arrest survivor who was “dead” for 16 minutes, and his devoted friend Ferdy Rochas. And we also meet the talented team of doctors and researchers at St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto, and at Life Recovery Systems in New Jersey who are doing much to improve the outcomes of patients like Bill.

This documentary received the World Gold Medal at the 2009 New York Festivals in the Health and Medical category.